Vinton County on the Air Guests

The list below represents the guests who have been interviewed on Vinton County on the Air.

Click on a name below to see the episode(s) in which the guess was interviewed:

Beckner, Jim
Burleson, Justy
Burtrand, Erica
Combs, Matt
Davidson, Sam
Dickerson, Joy
Graves, Ashley
Grillo, Bob
Grupenhof, Lori
Hagerty, Carlin
Hale, Terry
Johnston, Diana
Kimes-Brown, Trecia
Kirkpatrick, Josh
Knapke, Mary Ann
Maxwell, Vicki
McManis, Paul
Newsome, Jason
Smith, Angie Hill
Tolley, Stacey
Walker, Clint
Waugh, Cindy Owings
Wyckoff, Jeff
Yates, Randy

Updated:  January 9, 2014

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