At dbkmediaservices, we use Mixlr to stream our content.

For Mixlr:

If the information below indicates that we are “On-Air,” you should click on the blue play button in the middle of the media player to be able to hear the live stream through your speakers.

If you are on this page and can’t hear the audio stream and have clicked on the blue button – check the following items:

– Are your speakers turned on, and is the volume turned up?
– Click on the audio speaker icon in your tray, and adjust the various component volumes to see if you have the needed component turned down.

If these items fail, click on the Mixlr segment below and you will be taken to a Mixlr page where you can obtain additional information and functions provided by Mixlr.

In order to bring you the game, we are relying on a wireless internet connection – and as we have experienced in the past, these can be problematic. We hope everything will be fine, however, in the event we do have problems, we ask for your indulgence as we will do our best to stream the entire game in an uninterrupted fashion.

Be advised, in order to utilize the chat function, you must sign into Mixlr, either through Facebook, or some other means, including by establishing a Mixlr account.

If none of this works, (and even if it does), you are welcome to go to to (our “Live Page at Mixlr) to listen and see the chat.

13 thoughts on “Current Live Broadcasts”

  1. Thank you very much for putting on such a wonderful and entertaining show. I am out here in Seattle, WA. (stationed at Fort Lewis) and I really enjoy listening to your show. It is a great source to keep me up to date with all of the sports action going on back home. I graduated from Eastern Pike, but have a nephew that plays for Piketon.

    The SVC Dream team list was a great list of players. I played with and against several on the list and I believe that you couldn’t have put a better team together. Once again, thank you very much and keep up the good work.

    First Sergeant Scott Hattle
    17th Field Artillery
    606th Forward Support Company

  2. Also sitting in Florida listening to Game. How nice is this to follow the Vikings and get out of Ohio winters.

  3. Bruce – Thank you – Thank you!!! We enjoy listening from Destin,Fl.. 🙂 Bob and Jeff – Great job on the broadcast!

  4. Enjoying listening to Bob Grillo . Remember broadcasting games he played in at Jackson High School. Live in Michigan, but listening from Florida tonight. Tom Sollars

  5. Great Job Bob Grillo and Jeff Thacker on the broadcast! Sounds like you need to give the officials your new glasses

  6. Good to hear that enthusiasm from Bob Grillo! Thanks for investing into your community and young lives! Big influence in my sons life! Wombats forever!

  7. Sitting at work here at ou hate being so close but not being able to watch the game thanks for the awesome broadcast

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