The Services We Provide

  • Podcasting – audio only at this time
    • Concept planning for a podcast, including name and artwork
    • Acquisition of music to be used in a podcast
    • Acquisition of production equipment to be used in the podcast
    • Podcast studio design
    • Communication methodologies used in production of a podcast
    • Production of a podcast
    • Voice talent for a podcast
    • Communication techniques for
    • Processing of a podcast
    • Hosting of a podcast file on our site
    • Creation of RSS feed for a podcast
    • Publication of posts featuring a podcast
    • Advertisement of a podcast
    • Reports designed to track the acquisition of a podcast
    • Publicity concerning a podcast
    • Integration of a podcast into social media including FaceBook and Twitter
  • Voice work
    • Commercials
    • Audio tracks
    • IVR systems
    • On-hold systems
  • Presentation Production
    • PowerPoint
    • Audio file
    • Video file
    • Addition of audio to pre-existing video file
    • Slide-shows
    • You-Tube videos
  • Production of “Featured” content for commercial sponsorship
    • “Trivia Time”
    • Local calendar of events
    • “Computer Tid-bits”
    • “Website of the Day”
    • “This Day in History”
  • Production of Internet videos for:
    • YouTube
    • Your website
  • Media Conversion
    • Conversion of VHS tapes to DVD format
    • Conversion of 8mm video tape to DVD format
    • Conversion of audio cassette tape to CD format or MP3 format
    • Conversion of vinyl record to CD format or MP3 format

If you are interested in discussing any of these services, please feel free to contact dbkmediaservices at 740-569-3254 and leave us a message, or email us at  Your call or email will be returned promptly and we will be glad to conduct a free, no-obligation consultation concerning the challenges facing you in your quest to use today’s progressive media, and how we might be able to help.


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