Episode 5 – SVC Sports Talk 10/10/11

On this week’s show of SVC Sports Talk, we are discussing the topic of expansion. We are asking you the fans: Should the SVC consider adding more teams to the league? SVCsportszone’s Shayne and Matt Combs share their opinions while in the show we also hear thoughts from Dave Shoemaker (former Paint Valley basketball coach and AD), Craig Kerns (Adena High School Principal), Allen Koker (Zane Trace AD), Terri Eldridge (Huntington AD), and multiple comments from the website’s inbox and blog.

The show will also recap the week in SVC sports. We have golf teams making history, a volleyball team continuing a dynasty, cross country preparing for this week’s SVC Meet, soccer teams heading to postseason, and of course, our great football coverage that includes our Two-Minute Drill when we go to the Hurry-Up Offense to make our weekly predictions.

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4 thoughts on “Episode 5 – SVC Sports Talk 10/10/11”

  1. When thinking of SVC expansion, it is hard for me to view changing the current conference alignment. Though I have a younger perspective on the SVC conference, I still grew up enjoying the same rivalries and close proximity with other member schools. I have many fond memories of the SVC. It is hard to imagine having any current teams not continue to be a part of the SVC moving forward. The number one goal from my perspective is to maintain the rich tradition that exists by keeping all current members. With that being said, I do not see the harm in expanding the conference if the right opportunity arises. The key is not to expand just because it is happening around us both at the high school and college level. Possible expansion should fit within the framework of the SVC and what makes it special. A team that should be added is a team that would fit well in terms of proximity. Adding a team that has the geographical proximity will allow for the natural rivalries to continue to exist like they have in the SVC for the previous 50 years. A school that has been rumored to be interested and fits that mold is Waverly. They have close proximity to the majority of schools in the SVC. There school district borders on Piketon, Huntington, Southeastern, and I believe Paint Valley. They are a school with rich tradition that fits well into the SVC framework. They have wonderful facilities and strong community support. The problem that some might say is that by adding Waverly, then the SVC would have to seek out a tenth school to make the conference even and split into a big and small division. I do not feel at this point and time there is a need for seperate divisions with a tenth team. With 9 schools looking from a standpoint of football and basketball schedules that would mean 8 conference games and two non-conference in football. It would also mean playing a 16 game conference schedule in basketball. There are other conferences throughout Ohio that operate with 9 conference members. Examples are Muskingum Valley Conference, Northwest Central Conference, and Northwest Ohio Athletic League. While I am not sure that expansion is the best option for the conference, is there any better fit for expansion than Waverly who would maintain the integrity of the foundation of the Scioto Valley Conference?

    1. Chris,

      I really appreciate the feedback…especially feedback from a younger perspective. I said today, that a young perspective is the one thing I felt the show was missing this week. With you being such a gifted athlete in our league and now a good young coach, I think you make good points about not being so closed-minded that we perhaps let a good thing pass us by. As Terri Eldridge said on the show this week, several schools are going to line up to join our great league, but I feel we need to be extremely careful breaking up the good thing we have in the SVC. Thanks again!

      Shayne Combs http://www.svcsportszone.com

  2. Although this will be my 11th season coaching in the SVC, I’ve done a lot of research on the history of the conference and I certainly appreciate and respect all of the schools, teams and coaches that have enjoyed the value of the SVC over the years. My experience in coaching in other conferences really helps me to appreciate the SVC even more. While coaching at Chillicothe High School I recall playing in the OCC with trips to Dublin, Olentangy, Worthington, Reynoldsburg and other locations in or around Columbus, and at Portsmouth where for years we played in the Tri-State Athletic Conference playing in Kentucky and West Virginia with all non-conference games in Columbus, Dayton, and Cincinnati. The long road trips were grueling and make up games were a scheduling nightmare, yet the exposure and the level of competition was unmatched. I wouldn’t be too quick to say “no” to an expansion. I do understand all of the negatives with scheduling and traveling; but to get a couple of quality schools in the Conference would be exciting and certainly raise the level of competition. Could it work? I’m sure with careful planning, research, and the right people doing the right things to make it fair, well balanced, and as equal as possible. Of course in Basketball I would love to see Waverly or Chillicothe in the SVC, but I’m sure others may not…just depends on the coach and the sport. Like any expansion…you will find Pro’s and Con’s…I think Matt said it best, you really need to benchmark with other conferences and really do some homework before saying “yes” or “no”. This is cool stuff! Shayne I appreciate all of your hard work in keeping the SVC alive!

    1. Coach Lisath,

      I appreciate your perspective on this week’s topic, and I thank you for supporting the website. I agree that we – the SVC – should never close the door to expansion or any other change completely, but I do believe now would be a tough time to find a perfect fit. I think the league needs to continue to study enrollment figures, competitive balance, financial reports, and what is going on with expansion in surrounding conferences, and then, the SVC can make good decisions when the time is right.

      Shayne Combs http://www.svcsportszone.com

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