Episode 32 – Triple Crown Family Fun Center SVC Sports Talk 09/03/12

This week’s show starts with a bitter email which came from a person who thinks teachers have it great.

Also, the fans will find out what life was like back during the 1994-1995 school year. We also talk about us no more figuring out the volleyball league only to be confused again 48 hours later. The volleyball coverage concludes with an interview with Adena head coach Laura Smith.

The show includes my apology to Trent Williamson and the Westfall offense as well as Huntington enjoying a feeling that hasn’t been felt in football for 37 Football Friday Nights. The football coverage also talks more on the kicking game and looks ahead to Week 3.

In conclusion, the show recaps golf, soccer, and, cross country. This week’s Two-Minute Drill takes on multiple sports and our final look to the inbox talks best SVC winning streaks of all-time.


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3 thoughts on “Episode 32 – Triple Crown Family Fun Center SVC Sports Talk 09/03/12”

  1. The kicking game is slowly becoming like the NFL and college, whereas soccer players are being used more and more. Examples are Drew Gabis and Dylan Miles at Unioto and Southeastern respectively. ALL games begin with a kick, more time needs to be spent in having multi-purpose, trustworthy kickers.

    1. Its much easier to teach a soccer player to kick a football, than a football player to kick a football. With the skill of kicking already in place, all you need from a soccer player is timing, accuracy, and composure. I’ve messed around with a football a few times and the stye is not much different from kicking a soccer ball. Given this, the transition for a good soccer player to become a good kicker, may only take a month.

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