Episode 237 – Triple Crown Family Fun Center SVC Sports Talk 121718

This week’s show has another segment of Hoop Headlines and Coaches’ Corner, but in our feature segment we look close into the job of officiating and engage in conversation that many people do not want to have in today’s time. The show also discusses a mixed bag from the inbox including . . . 1,000 now equal to 1,200? Hats off to Dalton Metzger! Unioto girls 2018 vs. 2019? Boys league 2018 vs. 2019?

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1 thought on “Episode 237 – Triple Crown Family Fun Center SVC Sports Talk 121718”

  1. Great Piece on Officiating. Appreciate what you guys do! Love to listen!
    as an official these are things I see hurting the game:
    1. Summer Leagues ( Play 5 or more games in one day and never play defense or foul all the time with no consequence. Some kids get beat so they just hack. This defense carries over to the Winter.
    2. Fouls put on the Scoreboard. Think about it, putting team fouls on board mean nothing other then letting people know if one team has more than the other.
    3. A lot of good young officials get frustrated because they can’t get games and then they hang it up! Don’t get me started on Tournament officials.

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