Episode 141 – Triple Crown Family Fun Center SVC Sports Talk 113015

  With basketball season entering the regular season, SVC Sports Talk returns to its weekly show format. In this week’s show, Shayne answers fan feedback ranging from defensive and offensive strategy, developing of post play (with comments from Lou Postage), and how simply scoring the basketball is perhaps the biggest separation in this year’s girls’ […]

Episode 138 – Triple Crown Family Fun Center SVC Sports Talk 110915

State CC, regional volleyball, and playoff football help us put a cap on fall episodes here on SVC Sports Talk, but beyond the fall sports on the field, course, or court, we still have some great discussion points brought up by Coach Smith of Adena as well as other media and facility concerns. Also, some […]

Episode 137 – Triple Crown Family Fun Center SVC Sports Talk 110215

Cross country to state, volleyball to regional, and football ready for postseason as well. This week’s show will analyze it all, and will also peek ahead to basketball with a great question about one of our league’s brightest stars. The inbox also generates discussion about wrestling’s impact in the winter for the Scioto Valley Conference. […]

Episode 117 – Triple Crown Family Fun Center SVC Sports Talk 030915

In the final basketball show of the season, Shayne Combs and Jeremy Ward invite a longtime listener, Chris Eldridge, into the studio to join in on the discussion. The show talks plenty of basketball but also revisits some of the ongoing topics such as expansion, little league, kids playing multiple sports, SVC stereotypes and a […]

Episode 116 – Triple Crown Family Fun Center SVC Sports Talk 030215

This week’s show starts on the girls’ side as our D-III trio faced three tough tests while Unioto passed the D-II test over at Southeastern. In boys, we had all-league feedback, upsets, SVC classics in our Liar, Liar Stripes on Fire segment, and discussion on why so physical and why does tournament take so long […]

Episode 115 – Triple Crown Family Fun Center SVC Sports Talk 022315

On this week’s show we respond to last week’s feedback for the girls’ all-league discussion and we release the SVCsportszone.com all-league boys’ squad. We also examine the Unioto boys from multiple angles and we even peek ahead to next year’s favorites. All this plus more Liar, Liar Stripes on Fire and a percentage game for […]

Episode 114 – Triple Crown Family Fun Center SVC Sports Talk 021615

On this week’s show SVCsportszone.com’s Shayne Combs releases his annual all-league selections for the girls as Jeremy explains if he agrees or disagrees. The show also discusses SVC championship runs for boys and girls, a breakdown of the boys’ sectional brackets, and one of the great Liar, Liar Stripes on Fire topics the show has […]

Episode 113 – Triple Crown Family Fun Center SVC Sports Talk 020914

As the season hits the homestretch that means tournament talk and postseason honors, but a phone call this week is explaining that perhaps the individual milestones and statistics talk is forcing us to overlook the team success and the unnoticed role players.   Enter your email address:Delivered by FeedBurner        Does your business, […]

Episode 112 – Triple Crown Family Fun Center SVC Sports Talk 020214

With Teagan McFadden and Caleb Johnson winning for the 100th time this week, the show starts with wrestling and discusses milestones in all sports. What are the magical numbers in baseball, football, volleyball, and basketball, and what are some of the other records falling or in jeopardy of falling? This week’s Liar, Liar Stripes on […]

Episode 111 – Triple Crown Family Fun Center SVC Sports Talk 012614

Scheduling seems to be on the mind of coaches, administrators, and fans this week as people want to talk SVC All-Day Event, as well as, the boys playing in the Friday/Saturday format and the impact it is having on the race. The inbox also wants to start the debate of POY and all-league selection for […]